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University Software Licensing Community

SLAM 2019 Conference

Rydges South Bank, Brisbane 26-28 August 2019

Keynote Speakers

Thomas King, Acting CDO, Griffith University
What is the Future of Software Licensing & Asset Management? - Tuesday 27 August - 9:30am

Thomas King is the acting Chief Digital Officer at Griffith University.  Thomas came to Griffith from Telstra's Global Cyber and Electronic Security product and technology business. This role saw Thomas at the forefront of implementing new ways of working in Telstra in bringing new products and services to life using a mix of agile, devops, lean and human centered design methods.  Previously Thomas worked at the University of Queensland where he was responsible for a number of IT functions including information security, networks and telecommunications, major projects, enterprise architecture, teaching and learning technology and spaces, change management and was the General Manager of AusCERT.  Thomas brings a wealth of experience in ICT and Cyber Security with him and has been involved in a large number of major cyber security incidents including the incident response for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service data breach in late 2016. Thomas was also the winner of the 2017 AISA Information Security Professional of the Year and the 2017 AISA Information Security Project of the year. 

Nick Tate, Adjunct Professor, The University of Queensland and Chair, CICTA
Zen and the Art of Software Licensing - Turning Lead to Gold - Wednesday 28 August - 9:00am

The University community has a history of negotiating innovative software licencing and other ICT agreements with many current and extinct vendors. But as Bob Dylan taught us, the times are changing and our approach needs to change with it. How should we address these changes including cloud based licencing, software rentals, the use of big data, benchmarking, smarter contracts and the emergence of new technologies from big companies through to startups? Can we negotiate together or will we dilute our negotiating firepower? Are we willing to consider turning lead into gold?

Nick Tate is a CEO and Company Director with over 40 years’ experience in ICT, who has 16 years’ experience at the level of CIO in two London banks and at the University of Queensland (UQ). He is co-author of “A Director’s Guide to Governing Information Technology and Cybersecurity”, a book published by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and has 20 years’ experience as a Company Director in 16 Australian and 2 US companies. He is Chair of the Council of ICT Associations (CICTA) and chaired the World Computer Congress in 2010. He was Chair of CAUDIT between 2002 and 2006, Director of AusCERT from 1999 to 2010 and National President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) in 2012/2013. Nick is also an adjunct professor in IT and electrical engineering at UQ and has written, presented and published on cybersecurity, cloud computing and big data. He worked on the development of antimissile systems and real-time air traffic control systems before spending 20 years working for investment banks in both London and Australia. Whilst Head of IT at the United Bank of Kuwait (UBK) in London, Nick was part of the senior management team that dealt with the bank’s response to the Kuwait crisis during the first Gulf War when the bank’s customers were held at gunpoint, there was a run on the bank and an abolition of the bank’s currency of account. He is ACS National Vice-President (Membership) and President of the South-East Asia Regional Computing Consortium (SEARCC). During his time on the CAUDIT Executive, and subsequently on the Government funded RDSI project, Nick participated in contract negotiations on behalf of the sector with 25 vendors, including Microsoft, VMWare, Amazon Web Services, Citrix and Sun Microsystems.


He holds a Bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, a Master’s degree in computer science, and a PhD in Cybersecurity. During the time that he lived and worked in the UK, he spent 5 years as a Borough Councillor (equivalent of an Australian City Councillor) in the Borough of Elmbridge near London and chaired the Council’s Health and Highways committees. Whilst at University in Scotland, he was a pilot in the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve as part of the University Air Squadron.


This presentation will centre on an Online Software Catalogue project as part of The University of Queensland’s UQeMarket. James will briefly go through the previous process UQ used to procure additional software required by university staff and students. Using internal resources and teaming up with a vendor partner the software catalogue on UQeMarket commenced in early July 2019. James will demonstrate the new online software catalogue that has been made available as part of the project, which removes a lot of manual overhead and processing to produce a streamlined software procurement service for the UQ community. 

James Culverhouse, Licensing Sub-Category Manager,

Automating Software Procurement - Tuesday 27 August - 11:45am

James Culverhouse.jpg

James Culverhouse is Licensing Sub-Category manager at The University of Queensland. He has worked in different IT managerial roles at UQ for the last eight and a half years. James has vast experience in the higher education industry and has a background in adult education and training. Previously he has also owned and operated his own IT consultancy business for over 10 years.

Matthieu Feray, Associate Director - Contract Assurance & Performance, KPMG

Thought Leadership on the Future of SAM, and how the Role of SAM Manager May Evolve - Wednesday 28 August - 10:45am

KPMG will share their thoughts on the impact that emerging technologies will have on SAM and the role of the SAM Manager

FERAY Mattieu.jpg

Matthieu has over 10 years of experience in Software Licensing and Software Asset Management across multiple regions including Australia/New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. He is member of the KPMG Global Committee for though leadership and innovation for Software Asset Management. Matthieu leads the engagement to perform over 50 Software Baselines, and configure the SAM Tool used by a global investment consortium, and to ensure that the client can gain confidence in their current licensing position. Matthieu is currently leading work for a major university to reduce cost of software and identify risks.

Emiliano photo.png

Emiliano Fisanotti, Vendor Management Specialist, The University of Sydney

SAM and Vendor Profiling, Wednesday 28 August, 1:45pm

Emiliano joins The University of Sydney from The University of New South Wales, where he was the Software Distribution and Licensing Specialist with a total tenure of 10 years. Emiliano has a background in procurement and provides subject matter expertise on IT vendors, contracts, and financial governance. He also holds an Executive position in the USLC under CAUDIT, with a view towards upholding the best interests of Australian and New Zealand universities. In his current role, Emiliano is responsible for managing the University Wide Cost Centre (UWCC) for software portfolio and associated strategic vendor relationships. The role also includes vendor performance management, and will be actively focused on UWCC budgeting and reporting, and facilitating on-time renewals.

Graham Gardner, National Solutions Architect, CompNow

Making Informed Operational Decisions about Hardware & Software Infrastructure - Wednesday 28 August - 1:15pm


Graham has worked on small, medium and enterprise size engagements with organisations in the Banking and Finance sector, Manufacturing and Transport as well as projects with Federal Government departments delivering a range of complex and large-scale solutions. Recently he has assisted a number of Australian Universities gain control of their IT assets by combining a number of technologies that are best-of-breed in their own right but even better when combined together.

Having spent a great deal of his working life focusing on root cause analysis and remediation he now focuses on delivering IT solutions that can be delivered without those problems ‘baked in’. Currently he is working as the National Solutions Architect for CompNow aiming to assist Education sector Customers find better ways to deliver an improved end-user computing experience.


Ross Johnson, Practice Lead: Cloud & Data Centre Transformation, Insight

SAM 2.0 - Wednesday 28 August - 11:45am

Ross has over 16 years proven experience working with clients in multiple sectors internationally. No matter the audience, Ross has the ability to relate to all stakeholders in engagements and business and technical requirements into consideration while looking ahead into what’s possible to solve those outcomes. Ross is committed to excellence and making a positive difference with clients, people and making a material difference with technology and problem solving

Jason La Greca, Senior Program Manager - Teams for Education, Microsoft

Unlocking value with Microsoft 365 -  featuring Microsoft Teams - Tuesday 27 August - 4:15pm

Harness the value in Microsoft 365 A3 and A5; learn about the capabilities, security and compliance features and more.

Upskill on Microsoft Teams; a digital hub that brings conversations, meetings, voice calling, security, files, and apps together in one place.

This session is for IT admins and procurement in universities, including those who haven't yet deployed Teams. In this session we will cover:

  • Provide a platform teaching, learning and corporate staff will love

  • Learn what kind of controls are available to manage Teams within your university – security, compliance, policy.

  • Enabling Teams for your university


Innovator, Teacher, Linguist, Programmer and Change Manager. I am a passionate advocate of quality learning and teaching through the use of innovative practices and technology. With both extensive teaching and leadership experience, I have a proven background in the delivery of change initiatives and the implementation of technologies from kindergarten to post-graduate institutions, small RTO to large-scale corporations. To date I have been integral to the design, development, implementation and evaluation of learning resources, tools and change practices of over 200 institutions and businesses globally. This background ensures I am able to not only advise, but lead by example in small or large scale educational development, implementation or adoption projects.

Sandra Lammas, Manager - ICT Training, University of Southern Queensland

Talk Nerdy to Me - Tuesday 27 August - 11:45am

How do you get your message across to staff who are too busy to read their emails? This fun and informative session will show you how the ICT Training team at USQ use micro training to not only educate and inform staff, but to keep them coming back for more. Learn how they did it and how you can do it to.

Sandra Lammas Headshot.jpg

Sandra Lammas is the Manager of the ICT Training Team at the University of Southern Queensland.  Her team provides in person and online training to staff and students in IT systems utilised through the University.  Sandra and her team are always excited about trying something new and she believes innovation (and a hint of fun) can be the key to engagement. Her biggest success to date has been implementing multimedia micro-training to staff which has been so successful, it’s now in its fifth year of production. She believes that its not only important to get the messages across, but to also get them coming back for more. 

Joris Langewouters,Sales Engineer Client Solutions, Dell

PC as a Service - Tuesday 27 August - 12:15pm

I have been working in the IT industry since 1999, first starting out as an IT Admin focused on Microsoft and VMware products and later on doing Consultancy and IT Architecture for Commercial and Enterprise IT companies in The Netherlands. In 2010 I joined the thin client vendor Wyse Technologies and shifted my focus from backend infrastructure to optimizing the front end user experience. After Dell Inc acquired Wyse Technology in 2012 the Cloud Client Computing team was formed and my role was to position our end-to-end VDI story covering everything from the Hyper-Converged datacentre components to the Thin Client endpoints and everything that sits in between. With my move to Australia a lifelong dream came true and at the same time gave me the opportunity to work with our Global Commercial and Enterprise customers to help them find solutions for their ever growing needs for Mobility, Security and User Experience improvements. 

Chris Loo, Business Manager - Corporate, Government & Education, TES-AMM Australia

TES - Monash University: A case study in environmental e-Waste disposal and IT Lifecycle Management-

Tuesday 27 August - 2:45pm

KPMG will share their thoughts on the impact that emerging technologies will have on SAM and the role of the SAM Manager

Profile Pic Chris Loo 200x200.jpg

Chris has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years and has expertise developing IT Lifecycle Solutions for enterprise organisations. With a particular focus on the University sector Chris is enthusiastic about helping customers unlock value from end-of-life IT equipment, drive environmentally sustainable e-waste disposal outcomes & reduce asset deployment cost. For the past 6 years Chris has headed up the direct business unit at TES one of the largest global providers of e-waste and IT lifecycle services with over 30 facilities in 22 countries.

headshot richard palmer.jpg

Richard Palmer, Practice Leader - Public Sector, Ovum

Journey to the Cloud - Tuesday 27 August - 10:15am

Richard is the global Practice Leader for the Public Sector at Ovum, focusing on effectively employing technology within government and higher education. Previously he has held CIO and other senior roles at two Top 100 global universities, leading IT centralizations, re-defining technology governance, strategy development, IT security and risk management, and enterprise architecture. Richard uses his breadth of experience as an IT leader to work alongside senior executives in the public sector and industry to adapt and transform their business activities, as the use of digital technologies becomes pervasive and disrupts established business models. He is skilled at looking beyond the surface of IT project and service delivery to engineer significantly better business outcomes. He has a reputation for lateral thinking, positively influencing those around him and helping teams to seize unperceived opportunities and previously unachievable goals.


Sam Raco, Software Asset Management Lead, KPMG

Thought Leadership on the Future of SAM, and how the Role of SAM Manager May Evolve - Wednesday 28 August - 10:45am

KPMG will share their thoughts on the impact that emerging technologies will have on SAM and the role of the SAM Manager

SAM leads KPMG’s national Software Asset Management as a Service offering. Sam has extensive experience across corporate, enterprise and public sector clients covering: SAM Design and development, SAM governance, SAM implementation and integration, software license compliance, IT strategy and  architecture. Sam has worked with software vendors for over 20 years. He has a deep understanding of their expectations for license compliance and can bring insights into managing vendor relationships. Sam has led teams that have delivered multiple SAM advisory and managed services engagements.

Miriam Redding, Director, Navigate Clear

SAM Maturity Assessment: Best Practice vs Best Fit - Tuesday 27 August - 1:45pm

How can you best determine what processes to build into your SAM governance program? How often do you review your program and decide to add enhancements or scale back ineffective functions? Working with a SAM maturity model can assist in making decisions about what works best for your organisation and resources. This presentation will arm you with simple and practical tips to using this tool to your advantage. How can you best determine what processes to build into your SAM governance program? How often do you review your program and decide to add enhancements or scale back ineffective functions? Working with a SAM maturity model can assist in making decisions about what works best for your organisation and resources. This presentation will arm you with simple and practical tips to using this tool to your advantage. 

Miriam Redding has worked in the ICT industry for more than 15 years in the US and Australia/New Zealand. She currently directs Navigate Clear, an independent software advisory firm. Miriam has always had an interest in software licensing issues and her experience spans Microsoft, Citrix, Business Objects, and Adobe, as well as IBM. In 2005 she made licensing the focus of her work. Since then she has worked specifically with IBM licensing, developing an awareness of the complex licensing models of many IBM products.

Marcel Rose, Portfolio Manager - ICT, The University of Sydney

ICT Category Management - how to align to long term goals  - Tuesday, 27 August - 3:45pm


Peter Rowe, Senior Pre-sales Consultant, Crayon

Shifting Gears: Accelerated, Agile SLAM  - Tuesday, 27 August - 11:15am

For too long Software and IT Asset Management, with its associated governance through properly implemented SAM and ITAM processes has been viewed as the handbrake in Digital Transformation, rather than the overdrive button! Based on case studies and global experience, this presentation demonstrates how the correct, Agile approach to software and cloud analytics can supercharge your drive to a more digital future, allowing rapid integration of traditionally siloed areas such as vendor management, portfolio management and procurement, freeing up resources and assets, and “shifting gears” to deliver the digital transformation required to be competitive and effective in today’s Australian tertiary sector


Peter has been working in and around IT since 1995, starting as a web developer when you still had to explain what the web was to people, through some of the UK’s largest ERP implementations, and then on to Australia – He’s now “Colouring outside the lines" at Crayon delivering software asset management and cloud analytics methodologies.

Pre-Conference Workshop Presenters

Mark Caldwell, Procurement Category Specialist, University of Otago

New Zealand Update - Monday 26 August, 1:30pm


Mark  is a Category Specialist IT Hardware & Software at the University of Otago with a wide range of experience that has developed over the past 19 years in the NZ Tertiary sector, and includes IT Service Delivery Management, Telephony, Hardware and Software Procurement, Contract and Category Management and more.   In his current role, Mark has been leading the drive for a university-wide approach to software asset management strategies and solutions which could include outsourcing

Steve Johnston.png

Steve Johnston, Director, Strategic Procurement, CAUDIT

CAUDIT Procurement Update, Monday 26 August, 1:50pm

CAUDIT Procurement Survey Workshop, Monday 26 August, 2:20pm

Stephen Johnston joined CAUDIT in 2011, having departed Edith Cowan University after 13 years of service. At ECU he held a number of senior IT roles including Manager, IT Infrastructure and Manager, IT Project Governance.  He has had over 15 years’ experience in Higher Education, previously working for both Curtin University and the University of Western Australia.  Steven has been involved in more than thirty tenders and subsequent vendor negotiations.  He understands the need for the development of relationships between staff, institutions, vendors and resellers and works hard to ensure that the relationships are a benefit to all involved.


Jeff Stafford, Team Leader, Software Services Digital Solutions, Griffith University

USLC Update, Monday 26 August, 1:10pm


Jeff's career at Griffith has encompassed IT purchasing and procurement, IT help-desk and desktop IT support service provision, project management and is currently the Team Leader of Software Services at Griffith University. Software Services is a specialist team providing centralised software asset management, contract review & management, and coordinates the University's central budget for recurring IT expenditure.  Jeff is also Chair and co-founder of the University Software Licensing Community (USLC)  , and SLAM Conference Chair. 

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